Licensed Dietitians LLC

What We Do?

Licensed Dietitians LLC. offers affordable, client-centered, convenient, and evidence-based nutrition services using online tools and ongoing professional supports.  Our company strongly believes in a renovated nutrition service that focuses on you, the client, as an individual.  Each client receives an individual nutrition intervention based on his or her individual assessment.

Licensed Dietitians LLC. helps clients overcome barriers that keep them from achieving their wellness goals by assisting them in setting up SMART wellness goals, monitoring their daily intakes and physical activities, and providing them the professional supports needed to maintain their achievements.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping people live healthier & longer through individualized evidence-based nutrition  counseling and education

Our Vision

We strive to be the company leader in helping people overcome their health and fitness challenges with ongoing supports from our nutritionists

Our Philosophy

Everyone is capable of achieving his/her wellness goals with adequate professional supports and tools.

Our Promise & Pledge

“We pledge to support you and be there for as your dietitian in every step during your journey to living a healthy and long life through nutrition counseling & education that works.”